• Shingles installed by Higher Ground Roofing Inc
  • Shingles installed by Higher Ground Roofing Inc

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The chimney specialists Higher Ground Roofing Inc

The experts at Higher Ground Roofing Inc have years of experience with offering a complete line of chimney services in the West Bend region. From installation to cleaning, evaluation and extensive repair, our chimney professionals provide detailed evaluations, dependable service and useful safety advice. Ensure your chimney is safe and in compliance with regulatory codes.

Protection from carbon monoxide and other dangerous chimney hazards

Protect your home or commercial property from fire damage, carbon monoxide leaks, chimney collapse, interior smoke damage, soot buildup, and other potential hazards. For a free consultation about efficient burning practices in West Bend and to find out if your chimney is safe, call (262) 626-4077.

Protect your property and investment

Our chimney services include:

  1. Complete Chimney Evaluation - To check the integrity of your system and ensure its adherence to safety standards
  2. Chimney Caps – professional installation of stainless steel and copper caps to prevent access of unwanted wildlife, debris, rain, and snow
  3. Creosote removal - State-of-the-art mechanical removal of hazardous creosote
  4. Crown repair – Cost effective maintenance and repair that prevents water penetration
  5. Gas flue relining/ lining – Prevents dangerous carbon dioxide emissions from invading your home in West Bend
  6. Chimney relining – Don’t wait to replace the entire chimney, reline instead
  7. Chimney resurfacing – eliminates hazards and improves performance
  8. Chimney waterproofing – Solid protection against water damage
  9. Masonry repair – All repairs performed by Higher Ground Roofing Inc experts according to regulatory code
  10. Tuck pointing – replacement and repair of loose mortar in brick chimneys
  11. Wood stove installation – Customized installation according to building code standards
  12. Chimney blockage removal
  13. Humane animal removal
  14. Emergency repair services (262) 626-4077